DF001RW Power Rack Fully Loaded

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DF001RW Power Rack Fully Loaded: Complete Strength Training Solution

Transform your home gym into a comprehensive strength training powerhouse with the DF001RW Power Rack Fully Loaded. This fully equipped power rack is constructed from heavy-duty 11-gauge steel, offering unmatched durability and stability for your most intense workouts.

Key Features:

Plate Loaded Lat Pull Low Row: The integrated lat pull low row attachment includes a lat bar and low row bar, allowing you to perform a variety of back and lat exercises for a sculpted upper body.

Landmine Attachment: The included landmine attachment adds versatility to your workouts, enabling you to perform rotational exercises, rows, presses, and more.

Weight Horns and Dip Bars: With two weight horns and dip bars, this power rack provides additional options for loading plates and performing dips, enhancing the variety and effectiveness of your training.

Adjustable Design: Featuring 28 adjustment levels, the DF001RW Power Rack offers unparalleled customization for users of all heights and skill levels, ensuring optimal positioning and safety during exercises.

Military-Grade Nylon Coated Cable: The power rack is equipped with military-grade 3/16 nylon coated cables, known for their strength and durability, providing smooth and reliable operation for lat pulldowns and low rows.

Smooth Pulleys and Bearings: Polymer pulleys and industrial bearings ensure smooth and friction-free movement, allowing for fluid transitions between exercises and reducing wear and tear on the equipment.

Rust-Resistant Construction: Stainless steel bolts and a powder-coated frame resist rust and corrosion, ensuring longevity and maintaining the rack’s appearance over time.

Upgrade Your Home Gym Today:

Experience the ultimate in strength training versatility with the DF001RW Power Rack Fully Loaded. From lat pulldowns and low rows to dips and landmine exercises, this rack has everything you need to sculpt your physique and achieve your fitness goals.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 67 x 58 x 85in

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