DF003RW Smith Half Rack Combo


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DF003RW Smith Half Rack Combo: Versatile Power Rack Solution

Upgrade your home or commercial gym with the DF003RW Smith Half Rack Combo, a versatile all-in-one unit that combines the functionality of a power rack and a Smith machine. Crafted from durable 11-gauge steel and featuring commercial-grade linear ball bearings, this rack combo offers premium quality and performance for your strength training needs.

Key Features:

Two-in-One Design: The DF003RW Smith Half Rack Combo seamlessly integrates the functions of a power rack and a Smith machine, providing a comprehensive solution for a wide range of exercises and movements.

Solid Steel Guide Rods: Equipped with solid steel guide rods, this rack combo ensures smooth and precise movement during Smith machine exercises, enhancing your workout experience and promoting proper form.

Versatile Accessories: With included accessories such as 4 horns plate with Oly bar holder, 2 J-Cups and backs, 2 20″ spotter arms, and dip hooks, this rack combo offers versatility and convenience for your training sessions.

Adjustable Design: Featuring 12 adjustment points, the DF003RW Smith Half Rack Combo allows you to customize the setup to suit your preferences and workout routines, providing maximum flexibility and comfort.

Premium Construction: Constructed with a powder-coated frame and stainless steel bolts for rust resistance, this rack combo is built to withstand the demands of heavy lifting and frequent use, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance.

Safety Features: The rack combo includes multi-position pull-up bar, suspension trainer bracket, and 2 tie-downs per side, enhancing safety and stability during your workouts.

Compact Footprint: With dimensions of 67″L by 78″W by 87″H, this rack combo offers a compact footprint that fits well in home gyms or commercial facilities with limited space.

Upgrade Your Gym Today:

Experience the ultimate in versatility and functionality with the DF003RW Smith Half Rack Combo. From squats and bench presses to pull-ups and dips, this rack combo provides everything you need for a complete strength training workout. Elevate your gym and take your fitness to the next level with the DF003RW Smith Half Rack Combo.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 67 x 78 x 87in

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